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Chapter 6 Review
More Questions

1. While flying due east at 126 km/h, an airplane is also carried northward at 32 km/h by the winding blowing due north. What is the planes' resultant velocity?

2. A wagon is being pulled with the tongue of the wagon making a 29° angle with the ground. A force of 33 N is extended along the tongue. What is the component of the force parallel to the ground?

3. A car is driving at 28 km/h at an angle of 239° clockwise from north. Find the east-west and north-south components of the car's velocity.

4. is a plane travelling at a constant velocity in equilibrium? Explain your answer.

5. There are four forces acting on a plane travelling at a constant velocity. Explain how you would add these vectors graphically.

6. Describe how perpenicular vectors are added.

7. Is a person standing still on a carpeted floor in equilibrium? Explain your answer.


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