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Grades will come from:
a. Tests 35%
b. Homework/Classwork 25%
c. Laboratory Reports 20%
d. Current Reports 10%
e. Notebook/Portfolio 10%
f. 2 Terms Papers (1st Quarter - Chemistry related topic, due September 27, 2002; 4th Quarter - Chemistry related career, due April 28, 2003)
g. *** Science project (2nd Quarter - Science Project proposal; 3rd Quarter - Science Project final report and poster board

Semester grades will be determined by:
1st Quarter 40%
2nd Quarter 40%
Semester Exam 20%
***Only for Chemistry Honors

NOTE: Each student will receive a monthly calendar syllabus the shows daily assignments. Parents must sign the syllabus at the end of each week. There will be a laboratory fee of $10.00 per student to be turned in at the business office by August 26, 2001. Please make checks payable to SSHS Science lab fee.

For any questions or concerns, please contact me at Simon Sanchez H.S. at 653-2313.

If you have any questions, please email Ms. Cummings