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Chapter 7 Review

1. A molecule of a compound has 8 carbon atoms and 18 hydrogen atoms. Give both the empirical formula and themoelcular formula of the compound.

2. Predict the formulas of the compounds formed from the following ions: Al3+ and NO31-; Mg2+ and S2-; and K+ and So42-.

3. Name the following compounds using the traditional system: Al2(PO4)3; (NH4)2S; and N2O3.

4. Describe how the formation of an ionic compound differs from the formation of a molecular compound.

5. Predict the formulas of the following ionic compounds: calcium phosphate, ammonium sulfate, and barium carbonate.

6. Name the following compounds using the Stock System: PbBr2, PCl5, and FeS.

7. Explain how the formula unit and empirical formulas can always be the same for ionic compounds but the molecular formula and the empirical formula are not always the same for molecular compounds.

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